ROPA Slovakia, Ltd., company located in Bratislava offers new commercial
opportunities and supplier-client relations in the field of environmental protection,
recyclables processing and treatment, trade in chemical substances, and consultancy services.
Process efficiency is essential for us.
Our motto :

The best products for our partners,
reliable logistics and supplier services.

Chemical products


NOx reducing agent for effective SCR catalysts operation in diesel engine powered motor vehicles.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at +421 903 268 700.

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NOxAMID 40/45

Special NOx emissions reducing agent for SNCR technology. Applicable in heating plants and power plants.

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Urea Solution (40 %,45 %)

NOx emissions reducing agent applied in SCR and SNCR technology. Applicable in heating plants, power plants, waste incinerators and cement plants.

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Ammonia water (24 – 25 %)

NOx emissions reducing agent applied in SCR and SNCR technology. Applicable in heating plants, power plants, waste incinerators and cement plants.

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Solid urea (46 %)

Applicable in heating plants, power plants and waste incinerators. May be used as NOx emissions reducing agent when mixed with demineralised water.

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Sodium hydrogen carbonate / sodium bicarbonate

Applied for dry combustion products desulphurisation.

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Other chemicals

Inorganic acids
Sodium hydroxide
Liquid sulphur

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ROPA Slovakia, s.r.o. trades in recyclables.
Electric waste processing facilities
and recyclables collection facilities
are our clients – suppliers.

Why doing business with ROPA Slovakia


Professional negotiations and flexibility in pricing and purchase
of materials.


Linking product suppliers with clients specialised in
processing these within the EU and China.


Flexible transport – purchased material is transported in specialised vehicles – semi-trailers with
curtain siders, drop deck trailers, walking floor trailers and sea shipping containers.


Own warehousing premises for efficient material sorting and preparation for export
Original characteristics of purchased products maintained, no changing applied.

The products we buy

Products containing coloured and nonferrous metals

electric motors, alternators, starters, compressors, transformers, induction coils, aggregates, carburettors, coolers, catalysts,...
Products containing precious metals - electric waste

printed circuit boards, pc components - CD, DVD players, hard disks, network sources, cables, deflection coils, processors, RAM memories, adapters,...


Should you require more information on products, payment and valid prices please do not hesitate to contact usat +421 903 268 714.


Ing. Patrik Andó
Managing director

+421 907 268 672


Chemical products

Ing. Peter Truchan
Business Unit Manager

+421 908 727 609


Mgr. Eduard Ucháľ
Business Unit Manager

+421 903 268 714


Mgr. Vladimír Belovič
Sales Manager

+421 903 622 729

Bc. Tereza Husariková
Sales Support

+421 903 268 400


Ing. Zlatica Václavová
Office Manager

+421 903 268 700

Ing. Marek Pipíška
Logistics Coordinator

+421 903 268 718


ROPA Slovakia, s. r. o.,  Prístavná 10, Bratislava 821 09, Slovakia
Company ID: 458 627 29, Tax ID: 202 312 6930, VAT ID: SK202 312 6930

Bank: Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s.
 IBAN: SK88 0900 0000 0051 4839 3990


Kopčianska 92, Bratislava 851 01, Slovakia
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